The Cyber Nurse

January 6th, 2015


The cybernurse concept came about as a result of our combined enthusiasm and commitment to nursing as a career and our mutual fascination with the internet. I have been a nurse for ten years and my partner, John has been a nurse for eight and we had talked many times of creating a web site with the intention of helping and advising people within our own individual spheres of experience. I am a skincare nurse and I work in a private health centre in the West Midlands and my partner works at the new maternity ward at the City General Hospital.

We both have a genuine passion for helping people (especially when they are going through times of distress or illness) and we are both total cyber geeks as well!

I have been interested in skincare and particularly facial rejeuvenation techniques such as Botox, for many years and my partner is involved in infection control with particular focus on the control of and prevention of MRSA in our hospitals.

We both have very high hopes of creating a kind of on line information resource for people like ourselves with a keen interest in the community and helping people generally, with an emphasis on our own fields of experience. Politically, I am fairly middle of the road but John is rather more cynical particularly with regards the pharmaceutical industry and big multi national companies in general who he feels are taking over the world.

We welcome your comments and insights as being busy working nurses ourselves (and parents to two small children) we are hard pressed for time and so this web site is definitely a work in progress - so please forgive any gaps and feel free to fill them in!

Nursing is such a vocation rather than a typical career - people often forget this and are surprised when they realise just how much our health service, the whole of our society even, is dependant on the selfless and diligent efforts of our nursing community.

It would make a refreshing change if our government would finally come to appreciate this fact and award nurses the level of pay they deserve, but there are so many urgent matters needing attention in our health system and particularly our hospitals that it will probably always be pushed to one side.

Keeping our hospitals clean and free of infection is becoming a major concern since the outbreak of superbugs like MRSA and we are constantly being reassured that everything that can be done is being done but it is still present in several of our hospitals and probably will continue to be as long as the hospital cleaning contracts are tendered out to be snapped up by the lowest bidders.

In countries like Holland MRSA has been almost totally banished partly due to extremely stringent hygiene regulations and well paid, well trained professional cleaning organisations who specialise in hospital cleaning services. Combined with careful nirsing methods MRSA has all but become a distant memory in these hospitals and ours need to look to them for inspiration as we are still very much behind them in the fight against MRSA.